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Voices Of Kwahn

Также известно как: Voices Of Khwan AD, Voices Of Kwahn A.D., Voices Of Kwahn AD
Члены группы Voices Of Kwahn: Anna Homler, Mark Davies (5)
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/voicesofkwahn

Дискография Voices Of Kwahn:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo 2 audio iTunes 1998 Excession
2 Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo 2 audio iTunes 1993 Max Bilt
3 Rebirth 13 audio iTunes 1993 Max Bilt
4 Peninsular Enclosure 7 audio iTunes 1997 Swarffinger Records
5 Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo 4 audio iTunes 1993 Max Bilt
6 Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo (The Awakening) 5 audio iTunes 1994 Zexos Empire
7 Operation Dismantled Sun 6 audio iTunes 2000 Swarffinger Records
8 Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo 2 audio iTunes 1993 Max Bilt

Voices Of Kwahn are American vocalist (and performance artist) Anna Homler and multi-instrumentalist Mark "Pylon King" Davies. The single '[b]Colonist Dreamer[/b]' introduced their elegant fusion of quirky vocals and electronic/ethnic ambience. Originally, on '[r=246418]' [i](Max-Bilt, 1993)[/i], Nigel Butler was the keyboardist and the sound was a light patina of samples, dance beats, dub reverbs and vocal avantgarde (but Homler's contribution is minimal). Butler left, Davies absorbed ethnic influences and Homler's vocals became a staple of the dance/trance format (The Great Call, Silver Bowl) on '[b]Silver Bowl Transmission[/b]' [i](North South, 1996)[/i]. '[r=263694]' [i](Swarffinger, 1997)[/i] is less ethereal and, at times, almost industrial. Heavy on the samples and the percussions. The mini-album '[b]Operation Dismantled Sun[/b]' [i](Swarffinger, 1998)[/i] presents yet another version of Voices Of Kwahn, one that has left behind the ambient/new age leanings of the early albums (and Homler's vocals) and favors a harder, harsher, haunting approach.

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