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Ryo Kawasaki & Satellites

Ryo Kawasaki

Также известно как: Ryo Kawasaki & "Satellites", Ryo Kawasaki & The "Satellites"
Члены группы Ryo Kawasaki & Satellites: Ryo Kawasaki
Группа в интернете: http://www.satellitesrecords.com//artists/kawasaki.html

Дискография Ryo Kawasaki & Satellites:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Pleasure Garden 4 audio iTunes 1990 Satellites
2 Say Baby I Love You 4 audio iTunes 1988 Satellites
3 Wildest Dreams 6 audio iTunes 1989 Satellites
4 Life Is The Rhythm 3 audio iTunes 1989 Satellites
5 One Kiss / No Expectations 4 audio iTunes 1987
6 Electric World 3 audio iTunes 1986 Satellites
7 Pleasure Garden 4 audio iTunes 1990 Love Records (Australia)
8 Pleasure Garden 4 audio iTunes 1990 Satellites
9 Say Baby I Love You 4 audio iTunes 1988 Satellites

As a computer programmer, Kawasaki developed his own MIDI multi-tracking recording system, the"Kawasaki MIDI Workstation", in 1986. He was also fascinated by the new breed of club/dance music blossoming at that time, which fully utilized MIDI technologies in the production. This led him to produce a series of 12-inch dance singles featuring a mixture of Free Style, House, Acid House and Ambient in the late 80's. All of the production was done at his home studio, The Satellite Station, in New York with singer and musical collaborator Ilana Iguana. At the same time, he founded his own label, Satellites Records, to market these new creations to the public. The 12-inch singles released during this time include "Electric World" (1986), "One Kiss" (1987), "No Expectations" (1987), "Say Baby I Love You" (1988), "Don't Tell Me" (1988), "Wildest Dreams" (1989), "Life is The Rhythm" (1989), "Acid Heat" (1990), and "Pleasure Garden" (1990). He, Ilana, and their dancers performed extensively in New York dance clubs during this period,sponsored or supported mainly by Record Pools, Club Djs and Club promoters. Most of these 12-inch titles successfully charted in the top 5 of Dj's play lists, proving tremendously popular both in dance clubs and on the many radio mix shows all across the Unites States.

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