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DFW Posse

Члены группы DFW Posse: A.M.D., Dr. Rock, Erotic D., Jonezy J, Rickie Rich, Tony Q

Дискография DFW Posse:

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The DFW Posse (Dallas-Fort Worth Posse) is a Dallas, Texas based production crew which include the members: Dr. Rock, Erotic D, Jonezy J, Rickie Rich, A.M.D., and Tony Q. The Posse was formed and came together in 1991 to produce Dr. Rock's solo album after the break-up of the Fila Fresh Crew. Most of the DFW producers faded into obsurity with the exception of Erotic D who helped produced The D.O.C., MC Breed, Jamal, and various other southern rap artists throughout the 90's and into the 2000's.

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