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Jon Pegnato

Jon Pegnato

Группа в интернете: http://www.jonpegnato.com

Дискография Jon Pegnato:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Late Night Binges 2 audio iTunes 2004-10-01 Eden Recordings
2 Angel City EP 3 audio iTunes 2006-08-15 Jetset Recordings
3 Shush Theme 2008 5 audio iTunes 2008 Shush Music
4 Enjoy The Bass 2 audio iTunes 2007 Shush Music
5 Small Talk 5 audio iTunes 2008-08-07 System Recordings
6 Digital Prodigy 3 audio iTunes 2006-05-03 A-Trax
7 Basshole 4 audio iTunes 2009-07-14 Shush Music

"Jon's music is the future of house" - Donald Glaude Jon Pegnato is one of today's hottest up and coming house artists in the US. Best known for his collaborations with Angel Alanis & Charles Feelgood, as well as his unique ability of blending of house, techno, and funk. As most would agree, Jon's music combines the best of the old elements of house as well as the new, never allowing him to "sell out" or become stagnate. His first release "Late Nite Binges", which debuted on Donald Glaude's Eden Recordings in 2004, launched Jon into the world of producers. While be charted by some of the worlds hottest DJs, like Judge Jules, Fergie, DJ Dan, Richard Vission, Robbie Rivera, just to name a few, Jon also managed to have his music in full rotation on UK radio stations like Radio 1 and Oasis FM. Following up his success on his first release, Jon also completed a remix for Angel Alanis' EP entitled "love f*ck" as well as releasing a collaboration with Charles Feelgood. Both letting the music industry know who Jon Pegnato was and that he was here to stay. 2005 proved to be a rewarding and exciting year, remixing for some of today's top artists like DJ Dan, Eric Davenport, Mike Balance, Bryan Cox, & Kelly Reverb, as well as being reviewed in BPM Magazine, Big Shot, and being Nominated in URB Magazine's Top 100 DJs list. Aside from his extensive DJ agenda, Jon has also managed to release a consistent flow of original EPs on some of house music's most influential labels like Juicy Music, In Stereo, Thrive, Tekno Phunk, Lone Star, District, and many more. Among these releases, "Flexible", on In Stereo records, was licensed to DJ Dan's newest Mix compellation "Lift", which has been acclaimed as DJ Dan's best mix thus far! With the year coming to a close, Jon's pushes forward as an artist and as a DJ, continuing to push his sound and his music to the world. While being at the forefront of the House community, Jon's plans are merely to stay focused on what's most important to him… the love for the music, the culture, and the people that continue to support EDM.

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