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Robert "Fonksta" Bacon

Также известно как: Eric "Fonksta" Bacon, R. Bacon, R. Bacon Jr., R. Bacon, Jr., Rob, Rob "Fonksta" Bacon, Rob "Fonkstar" Bacon, Rob "Funksta" Bacon, Rob (Funksta) Bacon, Rob Bacon, Rob Bacon, Jr., Robert "Da Fonksta" Bacon, Robert "Fonksta" Bacon Jr., Robert "Fonksta" Bacon, Jr., Robert "Funksta" Bacon, Robert "Funkster" Bacon, Robert "The Fonksta" Bacon, Robert 'Fonksta' Bacon, Robert (Fonksta) Bacon, Robert Bacon, Robert C. Bacon, Jr.
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/fonkstarr, http://www.dubcnn.com/interviews/robertbacon/, http://wcn.altervista.org/bacon-interview.htm

Дискография Robert "Fonksta" Bacon:

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Rob "Fonksta" Bacon has been creating funky guitar and bass magic with a multitude of Artists since the early 90's. His collaborations with legendary artist/producer D.J. Quik have gone down as Funk Classics in Hip-Hop music history. Rob has since gone on to record and/or perform with such eclectic Artists as Raphael Saadiq, Joi and Amp Fiddler among others. Rob's musical roots go back to his hometown of Detroit, where in his early teens he was immersed in the deep, rich sounds of Motown, funk and classic rock. Of his many musical influences, one product of the Detroit music scene, Parliament/Funkadelic, struck a chord in Rob's soul. The Funkadelic vibe is evident in every sweaty, sticky, stanky note Rob plays. Inspired by the late, great Funkadelic Guitarist Eddie Hazel's classic "Maggot Brain", Rob has recorded this seven minute freak-a-delic guitar opus, entitled "Let It Go" (Mental Enema). "Let It Go" is simply Rob Bacon playing his guts out, crying through his fingers in a burst of pure emotion. The things Rob Bacon's eyes witnessed and his ears heard growing up in inner city Detroit...these are the sights and sounds that inspired the instrumental...One memorable career highlight for Rob was touring with George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic in 2005 as opening act with the original line up of Children Of Production, an all-star unit that featured Joi, Raphael Saadiq, Amp Fiddler, Keisha Jackson, Preston Crump, Cat Daddy & Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction (whew! 2 much funk!!) Rob also co-wrote & co-produced with Joi on the songs "Dance With Yesterday" and "Gravity", featured on the singer's most current release, "Tennesse Slim Is The Bomb". Rob was recently featured as a special guest guitarist on D.J. Quik's latest release, Live at the House Of Blues. ("Medley 4 a V", "We Still Party").

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