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Mike T (2)

Michael Bryant

Также известно как: D.J. Mike T, DJ Mike T, DJ Mike Tee, Mighty DJ Mike T, The, Mighty DJ Mike, The, Mike T.

Дискография Mike T (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Inglewoodz Finast 4 audio iTunes 1993 Power Move Records (2)
2 The Original L.A. Jive Rhythm Tracks 9 audio iTunes Z Rock Records
3 Inglewoodz Finast 10 audio iTunes 1993 Power Move Records (2)
4 Inglewoodz Finast 10 audio iTunes 1993 Power Move Records (2)

Mike T started his career as a professional DJ in the late 80's working with the underground rapper [a=Quicksand (2)]. Soon afterwards, Mike T became acquainted with [a=MC Eiht] & [a=CMW] (Comptons Most Wanted) after Quicksand and CMW both appeared on the [r=318062] album. Although Comptons Most Wanted already had a DJ (Ant Capone), he was later fired and Mike T was asked to be the group's replacement. Mike T laid down cuts and scratches over the group's first three albums, the MC Eiht solo releases, and hooked up with various underground west coast hip-hop groups as a DJ. Aside from his turntable trickery, Mike T also programmed and produced many of the classic CMW beats alongside [a=DJ Slip (3)]. Today Mike is still busy DJing at local venues in Los Angeles.

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