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Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell

Также известно как: B, Mitchell, B. Mitchell, Mitchell

Дискография Brandon Mitchell:

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Born in 1971, Brandon "B-Doggs" Mitchell teamed up with half-brother Markell Riley to form the hip-hop group Wrecks-N-Effects in 1987-88. Mitchell and friends put out their debut self-titled 12" single on Atlantic Records and followed up with the single "New Jack Swing" one year later in 1989 on Motown. However B-Doggs never got to enjoy the success of the hit song or the follow-up album when he was tragically shot on August 8th, 1990 following an argument over a woman. Consequently the group slightly changed their name to "Wreckx-N-Effect" with remaining rappers Aqil Davidson and Markell Riley.

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