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Tommy Couch

Thomas J. Couch

Также известно как: Couch, T. Couch, T.Crouch, Tom Cauch, Tom Couch, Tommy Couch, Jr., Tommy Couch, Sr., Tommy Couche, Tommy Cough

Дискография Tommy Couch:

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Producer - songwriter - engineer - studio owner From Tuscumbia, Alabama. In 1967, he formed [l=Malaco Records] in Jackson, Mississippi. In 1985, Couch along with partners Gerald [a=Wolf Stephenson] and [a=Stewart Madison] purchased [l=Muscle Shoals Sound Studios] and publishing companies. They have also expanded their operations to include [l=Savoy Records], [l=Muscle Shoals Sound Records], and publishing outlets in Nashville and London. Among the artists included on the labels are [a=Johnnie Taylor], [a=Denise LaSalle], [a=Bobby Bland], [a=Little Milton], [a=Williams Brothers, The], [a=Mississippi Mass Choir], [a=Dorothy Moore], [a=Jackson Southernaires, The] and many others.

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