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Holy Men

Holly (Avi) Shwartz

Также известно как: Holly Man, Holy Man, Holymen

Дискография Holy Men:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The One 8 audio iTunes 2003 972 Records
2 Color Of Sound 9 audio iTunes 2001 Digital Underground
3 Over The Sunrise 8 audio iTunes 1998 Over The Sunrise
4 C4 8 audio iTunes 1999 Digital Underground
5 Intelligence Genetics 8 audio iTunes 1998-00-00 Holly Shwartz Productions
6 Nitzch O Not 9 audio iTunes 1999-00-00 Holly Shwartz Productions
7 Seven'th Heaven 9 audio iTunes 2001-00-00 Holly Shwartz Productions
8 Etno Trance 10 audio iTunes 2001 Holly Shwartz Productions
9 Enigmatic World Mexico 10 audio iTunes 2006 Enigmatic Sound Records
10 Enigmatic World Israel 9 audio iTunes 2006 Enigmatic Sound Records
11 Enigmatic World Portugal 9 audio iTunes 2006 Enigmatic Sound Records
12 Olympic Sound 9 audio iTunes 2008-11-00 Enigmatic Sound Records
13 Olympic Sound 2 10 audio iTunes 2009-02-00 Enigmatic Sound Records
14 C4 8 audio iTunes 2003 Times Music
15 Psy Guitar 10 audio iTunes 2008 Enigmatic Sound Records

Holy Men is the artist Holly (Avi) Shwartz. Holly started making trance music in 1993 and in 1996 got his first album out under the name Doctor Acid in BNE. On this album he worked together with known Israeli producer and composer Nancy Brandes. After that he had his tracks published in a number of compilations in Israel and abroad, among them: Doctor Acid & The Brain Flowers- Sepuko (with Har-El, The Sound of Goa Trance III), Doctor Acid- Fear (Goa Trax), Halloween (Astral Trance- Trip 2). At the start of 1998 he released the compilation Over the Sunrise together with Eyal Barkan, which turned out to be the best selling trance CD in Israel ever. Together they created a new trance musical style- melodic-anthemic trance/ Victorious trance (Nitzhonot in Hebrew). Right after that they created one of the most epic tracks together, "Good Morning Israel", which set the beginning of a new era in the trance scene. In 1998 he released his first solo project under the name Holy Men - Intelligence Genetics on BNE and following the success of the CD, he went on a world tour and played in Japan, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, France and of course Israel. In February 1999 he released C4 in Sony/DR, which had great success in Israel and in Greece where Holymen played many times in RLOAD parties as a special guest, and the rest of the Balkan. One of the biggest hits of that time, "Last Universe" was included in that album. In August 1999, Holly released his third album under the name Holy Men, this time by himself- the CD is called Mix Me Holly and contains new tracks and interesting remixes to his own stuff and also to Chakra & Edi Mis’ famous X-Files called "Monkey Business". In 2000 he released the "Seventh Heaven" album, followed by a big launch party in Athens and Amnesia Club. Three albums followed : "Color of Sound", "Etno Trance" and "The One" plus two more "X-Samurai" and "Joy" with more progressive oriented sound. Holymen was already living in Japan for years and after the glory days of Nitzhonot, he created a new label Enigmatic Sound, which started releasing full-on psytrance and made a huge impact in the scene in Japan.

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