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DJ Wild Bill

Также известно как: DJ Wildbill
Группа в интернете: http://www.dj-wildbill.com/, http://www.myspace.com/wildbillkiss, http://www.twitter.com/djwildbill

Дискография DJ Wild Bill:

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DJ Wild Bill began his DJ career nearly 15 years ago with a weekly DJ gig at a nearby bowling alley - an event that lasted through most of his high school years. As the popular music world constantly changed around him, Bill gravitated toward the hotmixers at Boston radio stations Kiss 108 and WZOU, now known as Jam’n 94.5. Bitten by the mixing bug, Bill taught himself to mix records on a couple of old belt-driven turntables by the time he graduated high school. Bill perfected his mixing and programming skills and became actively involved in his college radio station WWLR, hosting a specialty dance and hiphop show that gained immense popularity. With two degrees and a wealth of college radio experience under his belt, Bill founded Wild Productions and now promoted his new venture regularly in the Merrimack Valley and NH Seacoast areas. In late 1999, Bill was asked to step into a regular Saturday night DJ role at the famous Atlas Bar & Grill inside Jillian’s Boston. For the next 4 years, DJ Wild Bill rocked the Lansdowne Street club every Saturday night supplemented by frequent weekly guest appearances. Wild Bill’s signature sound has also broken ground in radio and record world. In early 2003, DJ Wild Bill became one of two producers and mixers for “Club Kiss” on Boston mainstay Kiss 108. The mixshow airs every Saturday night, featuring Boston’s hottest beats mixed back to back and reaching a potential 1 Million regional listeners. In 2004, Bill began remixing for X-Mix Remix and Compilation Service. He's since performed commissioned remixes for numerous artists and labels - and currently maintains a full service, state of the art mixing and mastering studio at his home in New Hampshire. On the radio production side, he is currently syndicated via Superadio's Supermixx Mainstream mixshow, produces mixes for New Bedford's Fun 107, and most recently signed on with with Long Island's heritage Top 40 outlet - WBLI. In addition to a rigorous mixshow and production schedule, Bill can be regularly heard spinning at numerous venues and establishments across the Boston area. Currently Program Director for [url=http://www.discogs.com/label/X-Mix]X-Mix[/url] promotional Dance Series compilations.

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