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Menno de Jong

Menno de Jong

Также известно как: M. de Jong
Группа в интернете: http://www.mennodejong.com, http://www.myspace.com/mennodejong, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Menno-de-Jong/30917605595, http://www.intuitionrecordings.com

Дискография Menno de Jong:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Guanxi 2 audio iTunes 2004-05-25 Anjunabeats
2 Watermark 2 audio iTunes 2004-12-06 Captured Music
3 Guanxi 2 audio iTunes 2004 Anjunabeats
4 Tundra 2 audio iTunes 2005-09-12 Intuition Recordings (2)
5 Magma / Momentum 2 audio iTunes 2006-05-19 Fundamental Recordings
6 Tundra 3 audio iTunes 2005-09-00 Intuition Recordings (2)
7 Sjamaan 3 audio iTunes 2007-04-00 Fundamental Recordings
8 Nolthando / Solid State 3 audio iTunes 2007-09-03 Intuition Recordings (2)
9 Solid State / Spirit (Remixes) 2 audio iTunes 2008-05-27 Intuition Recordings (2)
10 Tundra 2 audio iTunes 2005-00-00 Intuition Recordings (2)
11 Guanxi 2 audio iTunes 2004 Anjunabeats
12 Tundra 2 audio iTunes 2005 Intuition Recordings (2)
13 Mad World 2 audio iTunes 2008-07-03 Intuition Deep
14 Guanxi 2 audio iTunes 2006-12-00 Anjunabeats
15 Sjamaan 3 audio iTunes 2007 Fundamental Recordings
16 Nolthando 4 audio iTunes 2008-07-28 Intuition Recordings (2)
17 Solid State / Nolthando 3 audio iTunes 2007-09-11 Intuition Recordings (2)
18 Alcatraz / Spirit 2 audio iTunes Galactive
19 Last Light Tonight 3 audio iTunes 2009-08-05 Intuition Recordings (2)
20 Mad World 2 audio iTunes 2008-07-03 Intuition Deep
21 Acapulco Heat 3 audio iTunes 2010-09-16 Intuition Deep
22 Bambino 3 audio iTunes 2010-12-22 Intuition Recordings (2)
23 Nolthando 4 audio iTunes 2008 Intuition Recordings (2)
24 Turtle Paradise 3 audio iTunes 2011-04-21 Intuition Recordings (2)
25 Momentum / Magma 2 audio iTunes 2006-06-14 Fundamental Recordings
26 Sunset In Rio 2 audio iTunes 2010-11-25 Intuition Recordings (2)
27 Stardust 2 audio iTunes 2011-08-31 Intuition Recordings (2)
28 Intuition Sessions 2 Rio De Janeiro 29 audio iTunes 2011-02-27 Intuition Recordings (2)
29 Never Lose The Magic 3 audio iTunes 2012-02-16 Not On Label
30 Never Lose The Magic / Lightning Strike 2 audio iTunes 2012-11-30 Intuition Recordings (2)
31 Millionfold 2 audio iTunes 2011-11-30 Intuition Recordings (2)
32 Modulate 3 audio iTunes 2013-03-05 Not On Label
33 Fuel Beachclub 17 audio iTunes 2013-05-20 Black Hole Recordings
34 Any Other Day 3 audio iTunes 2013-10-28
35 Any Other Day 2 audio iTunes 2013-11-11
36 Creatures Of The Night 5 audio iTunes 2014-03-03
37 Watermark 2 audio iTunes 2012-11-30 Intuition Recordings (2)
38 Connected 3 audio iTunes 2014-03-24
39 Connected 3 audio iTunes 2014-03-24 Magik Muzik
40 Connected 5 audio iTunes 2014-05-19 Magik Muzik
41 In Trance We Trust 020 57 audio iTunes 2014-05-26
42 In Trance We Trust 020 54 audio iTunes 2014-05-26 In Trance We Trust

Menno de Jong is primarily known as a trance DJ and producer with an international following. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, de Jong was born on March 17, 1984, and was interested in music — classical as well as modern — at a young age. While he took up DJing as a teenager, he first established himself as a producer with the release of "Guanxi" on the British label Anjunabeats in 2004. Later that year he released a few additional productions: "Second Thoughts" as Sayla on Dedicated Holland, "Watermark" as Halcyon on Captured Music, and "Millionfold" as Myth on Remark Records. The success of these initial productions inspired de Jong to found his own label, Intuition Recordings. Intuition made its debut in 2005, and the second release on the label was de Jong's own "Tundra." Like "Guanxi" and "Second Thoughts" before it, "Tundra" proved popular within the trance community and was championed by many of the style's leading DJs, including Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. Successive releases such as "Spirit", "Last Light Tonight" and "Better World" followed, as did numerous remixes for "Mark Otten - So Serene", "Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms" and the classic "Hydra - Affinity". He went on to perform at clubs all over the world as well as at dance music festivals such as Trance Energy, Mysteryland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Gathering, Nature One and others. Around the birth of his label Menno de Jong also started periodical radio broadcasts, first under the header of the Intuition Radio Show, and later as the Menno de Jong Cloudcast. In 2007 he released his first official mix CD, Intuition Sessions: South Africa, which showcased his label. In 2010 the second volume themed Rio de Janeiro was released, showcasing the broad style of trance heard in his DJ sets. Numerous successful releases have followed in his career, tracks such as "Turtle Paradise", "Place In The Sun" featuring the vocals of Ellie Lawson and the more laid back "Everything" received continued support from DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery and others. In order to focus on music production and touring Menno de Jong concluded the label manager chapter of his life and put a full stop behind Intuition Recordings at the end of 2011. Since then he has continued his efforts to release quality trance with tracks such as "Never Lose The Magic", "Signals" ft. Kristina Sky, "Creatures of the Night" ft. Noire Lee and remixes for "Chris Porter - The Sky At Night" and Trance contemporary "John O'Callaghan ft. Ria - I'll Follow". He also hosts his monthly radio show, Menno de Jong's Cloudcast, which features new releases and current favorites in Trance and Progressive.

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