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Dual Engine

Группа в интернете: http://www.dualengine.com

Дискография Dual Engine:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Dog Me Out / Hawaii 2 audio iTunes 2004-05-00 Black Tambour
2 Drum & Bass Mechanism 14 audio iTunes 2004 Black Tambour
3 Friends EP 2 audio iTunes 2003 Black Tambour

Stemmed from the encounter of Da'Wid (DJ of the Freshly Cut collective since 1999) and producer Mog (Biomix crew), particularly active in the Aix en Provence area, DUAL ENGINE is a shock duet founded by two breakbeat lovers, definitely influenced by the sound developed by various labels such as Renegade Hardware, RAM records or the BAD COMPANY team. DUAL ENGINE represents the dance floor aspect of Drum & Bass : powerful sound, efficient drum beats solid enough to challenge any Billy Cobhan and Art Blakey arrangements, the whole of which is sumptuously soaked with bass and infrabass frequencies. The duet will soon command respect with a first track released on Black Tambour's compilation "Beats & Breakfast Volume II" (may 2002) followed, in March 2003, by the sold out "Friends/Heaven" EP, which will resolutely be a massive public & critical success notably mixed by famous DJ Laurent Garnier. DUAL ENGINE's remixes (SIN PALABRAS' "Salsita", "Ghost in the shell"), as well as its work for DJ Suv (Roni Size's "REPRAZENT" cofounder) will strongly impress the british & international scene in 2003. After its recent live set at the Printemps de Bourges as "electronica discovery for 2004", D.E. is currently busy arranging its first lp (a follow-up to the cd live mix "Drum&Bass Mechanism"), remixing new tracks for DJ Suv and creating a musical performance for Radio France.

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