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Moby Dick

Члены группы Moby Dick: Ivanhoe (2)

Дискография Moby Dick:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 When The Time Comes 2 audio iTunes 1986 Redhouse Records
2 Walk 5 audio iTunes 1985 Redhouse Records
3 » New Time » 2 audio iTunes 1987 Redhouse Records

[b]Calle (Charlie) Häggqvist[/b] on vocal and bass. His father was a manager at Sonet Records. Has been working as a sound engineer at a studio in Älvsjö. [b]Roland Ebert[/b] on vocal and guitar. His grandad Harry was Jussi Björlings pianist. Has been working at the postoffice. Calle met [b]Leif "Pålle" Paulsén[/b] (the bassplayer in Secret Service) many times, and all Calle talked about was Moby Dick. Eventually Calle convinced Pålle to visit a livegig at a youth center in Lidingö. It sounded bloody awful! But Pålle is a nice man and helped Calle and Roland, the result was [i]"My dreams are clear"[/i]. [b]Moby Dick[/b] have their own label, [b]Red House Records[/b]. The first release on this label was a band from Lidingö called [b]Ratfab[/b]. They got the sleeve designed by [b]Andy Warhol[/b]. Calle met Andy in New-York, and it took Andy 30 seconds to draw the artwork.

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