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Dr. Herom

Fabián Ramírez

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/drherom, http://www.facebook.com/heromlabs, http://www.heromlabs.tk

Дискография Dr. Herom:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Extreme Operation 17 audio iTunes 2004-09-10 Heromlabs Records
2 Mental Beats 10 audio iTunes 2009-02-20 Heromlabs Records
3 Hardcore Machine 5 audio iTunes 2011-04-01 GabberMex

Fabián Ramírez (México City, 1987) began producing at the age of 13. Also he has played his music in several parties of Mexico City. He runs his own netlabel, Heromlabs Records. Heromlabs Records starts on january 2001 with the main objective, share his music all around the world. His headquarters are established in Mexico city. He is mainly dedicated to Hardcore Techno, Noise, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental, IDM, EBM, 8-Bits, Neo-Classic and Trance music. He runs the netlabel and various of his projects like: 101001010101 [Noise], Dr. Herom [Hardcore Techno], Obscure Visions [Dark Ambient], Button A [8-bits], Ündich [EBM] & Yspco [Trance], are part of the catalogue. He was invited to collaborate with Toxicpro Records on 2003, there he worked in some radio programs, event production and compilations. Then he joined to Gabbermex Crew on the same year. He is the youngest member from Gabbermex. Fabián was influenced by a lot of artists, like Aghast, Yen Pox, Ophidian, Bit Shifter, Front 242, Converter. 2009-2010: In the last year, he decided to help unknown projects, but for some reasons, he had to take a breath. Special thanks to: Cezary Gapik, Cluster One, Disturbance, Juan Pablo Valle, Malstrom, sCreep & Xiuhcoatl. 2010: Heromlabs will release only his own albums, just like a way to be in touch with his fans. So now he is uploading his music to some pages like archive.org, last.fm or netlabels. Fabián Ramírez

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