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Jacka, The

Shaheed Akbar

Также известно как: Jacka, Jacka Of The Mob Figaz, The, Jacka Of The Mog Figaz, The, Jacka, The, Jacker, Tha Jacka
Группа в интернете: http://www.thejacka.com, http://www.myspace.com/thejackamobfigaz

Дискография Jacka, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Jack Artist 19 audio iTunes 2005-03-15 The Artist Records
2 Devilz Rejectz - 36 Zipz 21 audio iTunes 2007-07-31
3 Mob Trial 2 15 audio iTunes 2007-09-18
4 Drought Season 14 audio iTunes 2008-04-22
5 Shooterz 27 audio iTunes 2007 Cartier Entertainment
6 Explosive Mode III: The Mob Gets Explosive 15 audio iTunes 2006-11-07
7 The Jacka Of The Mob Figaz 18 audio iTunes 2001-11-20 AKBR Records
8 The Gobots 15 audio iTunes 2008-08-19
9 Tear Gas 19 audio iTunes 2009
10 All Over Me 4 audio iTunes 2009
11 Shower Posse 29 audio iTunes 2006
12 Broad Daylight 14 audio iTunes 2010-01-14 Town Records
13 The Price Of Money 12 audio iTunes 2009
14 The Gobots 2: D-Boy Era 15 audio iTunes 2010
15 International Mobbin 20 audio iTunes 2008
16 The Sentence 13 audio iTunes 2012 Siccness.net
17 Tear Gas 19 audio iTunes SMC Records
18 Million Dollar Remix Series Vol. 1 The Jacka - Retrial 13 audio iTunes 2011 Million Dollar Dream
19 Mob Trial 17 audio iTunes 2006 Million Dollar Dream
20 Write My Wrongs Mixtape 27 audio iTunes 2013-10-14

The Jacka (born 1977) is the pseudonym of Dominick Newton. He is a rapper from Pittsburg, California who started his career as one of [a=C-Bo]'s [a=Mob Figaz] (along with [a=Rydah J. Klyde], [a=Husalah], [a=Fed-X], and [a=AP9]). The group's first album, C-bo's Mob Figaz, was released in 1999, which sold over 160,000 units independently. Since then The Jacka has released two solo albums: The Jacka in 2001, and The Jack Artist in 2005. He currently runs his own label, The Artist Records.

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