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Gordon Sumner

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, CBE

Также известно как: G M Sumner, G. M. Summer, G. M. Sumner, G. Summer, G. Sumner, G.M. Sumer, G.M. Summer, G.M. Sumner, Gordon "Sting" Summer, Gordon "Sting" Sumner, Gordon M. Summer, Gordon M. Sumner, Gordon Matthew Summer, Gordon Matthew Sumner, Gordon Sting Sumner, Gordon Summer, Gordon Sumners, Mathew Summer Gordon, Matthew Gordon Summer, Matthew Gordon Sumner, Sting, Sumner, Sumner Gordon Matthew
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sting

Дискография Gordon Sumner:

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Born: 2 October 1951 in Wallsend, UK. Better known as [a=Sting], thanks to a striped jersey. One of the early bands Sumner played with was the Phoenix Jazzmen. He once performed wearing a black and yellow jersey with hooped stripes that bandleader Gordon Solomon had noted made him look like a bumblebee; thus Sumner became "Sting". He uses Sting almost exclusively, except on official documents. In a press conference, he once jokingly stated that even his children call him Sting. In June 2002, Sumner was awarded the honour of Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), an honorary title that ranks just below knight.

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