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Nautical Almanac

Также известно как: NA, Nautical Almanac's Anti-Systems, Nauticalmanac Anti-System
Члены группы Nautical Almanac: Carly Ptak, James Twig Harper, Max Eisenberg, Nate Young, Sol Meltzer
Группа в интернете: http://www.heresee.com/nauticallink.htm

Дискография Nautical Almanac:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Untitled 6 audio iTunes 2002 Veglia
2 Cisum 3 audio iTunes 2003 Heresee
3 We're Stupid, And So Are You 3 audio iTunes 2004 Fargone Records
4 Rooting For The Microbes 16 audio iTunes 2004 Load Records
5 Transcriptedivisions 14 audio iTunes 2001-01-00 Hanson Records
6 Split 6 audio iTunes 2004
7 Cover The Earth 9 audio iTunes 2005-12-00 Heresee
8 Rejerks Vol. 1 5 audio iTunes 2002 Heresee
9 Recycled Music 2 audio iTunes 2003 RRRecords
10 The Twilight Zone 2 audio iTunes 2003-08-04 American Tapes
11 Kool Kreek & The Chaser Gang 2 audio iTunes 2002-07-30 American Tapes
12 Rejerks Volume 3 5 audio iTunes 2004 Heresee
13 Handcut Record Transfers 7 audio iTunes 2004 Heresee
14 Something 3 audio iTunes 2005 8mm Records
15 Nautical Almanac 17 audio iTunes 1996 Hanson Records
16 Diamond Eyes 7" Lathe 2 audio iTunes 2005 Heresee
17 We Want War Tour CDr 7 audio iTunes 2002 Heresee
18 Melding Linearality 2 audio iTunes 2009 Tusco/Embassy
19 Untitled 2 audio iTunes 2010 Heresee
20 Object Charger 3 audio iTunes 2010 Heresee
21 Split 13 audio iTunes 2000-01-00 Hanson Records
22 Nauticalmanac 2 audio iTunes 2002 Heresee
23 Live At The Bulb Clubhouse 3 audio iTunes 2001-10-24 Bulb Records
24 Carly + Max Visit New Era Building 2 audio iTunes 2004 Pink Triforce
25 Islation Musak From The End Of "1996" "Year Of Disasters" Self Destruct Tour 5 audio iTunes 2011-09-19 Hanson Records
26 Islation Musak From The End Of "1996" "Year Of Disasters" Self Destruct Tour 5 audio iTunes 1996 Hanson Records
27 Fuzzy Genes 3 audio iTunes 2012 Heresee
28 Imaginati 1 & 2 2 audio iTunes 2012 Heresee
29 Imaginati 3 & 4 2 audio iTunes 2012 Heresee
30 M.M.M. 3 audio iTunes 2009-12-10 Heresee
31 Diamond Eyes 10" Lathe Cut 2 audio iTunes 2005-05-28 Heresee
32 Live Radio Music On Art Damage WAIF 88.3 MHZ Cincinnati June 24 2004 3 audio iTunes 2004 Not On Label
33 Videos 19994-20003 20 audio iTunes 2003 Heresee
34 Basement Party 15 audio iTunes 2000 Broke Up Records
35 Lathe-Cut Seven Inch Record 2 audio iTunes 2005

Nautical Almanac was formed in 1994 by Nate Young and James Twig Harper in Michigan. It started as a rouge 'crash and smash' terror band, playing anywhere possible using confrontational social musical tactics. It quickly reformed into a 3 piece adding percussion member Sol Meltzer, under this new line up the band fell under the guide lines of rock. Being more accessible in form the ideas had to be pushed further so the focus of the band was on creating garbaged homemade instruments: Springs, clings, gutted electronics, metal, etc. In 1997 Twig Harper was forced to leave Michigan and go underground avoiding the police and FBI for an anti-police action (all charges were dropped). Harper ended up in Chicago with Carly Ptak, instead of tossing in the N/A gloves Ptak+Harper decided to hijack the Almanac and ride it to its deserved glory. Refocusing in even further on the electronics tip they worked endless hours rewiring and building gear, playing the sporadic shows here and there in Chicago. In 1997 they opened up the Mystery Spot, an infamous junk store to finance their life. Everything went fine until they became disgusted with the gentrification of the neighbourhood and had the urges to dedicate more of their life to immaterial objects. Packing up they left Chicago in 2001 and ended up in Baltimore to buy a cheap abandoned styled building. Thru the renovations Ptak + HArper have started hosting live shows in their attic dubbed Tarantula Hill, and started a record label HERESEE.

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