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Gangpol Und Mit

Также известно как: Gangpol & Mit
Члены группы Gangpol Und Mit: Gangpol
Группа в интернете: http://gangpol-mit.blogspot.com, http://guillaumit.tumblr.com/, http://www.myspace.com/gangpolundmit

Дискография Gangpol Und Mit:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Tournent En Rond 10 audio iTunes 2005-01-00 Wwilko
2 Disque Compact, Pièces Détachées 23 audio iTunes 2004-03-00 G.U.M.
3 The Hopelessly Sad Story Of The Hideous End Of The World 15 audio iTunes 2007-03-01 Wwilko
4 Music Hall, Building Fall 13 audio iTunes 2007 Out One Disc
5 Faits Diverse Edits 4 audio iTunes 2010-01-21 Drop Of Blood Records
6 The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club 14 audio iTunes 2011 Ipecac Recordings
7 Faits Divers 18 audio iTunes 2009 Pictoplasma

French duo from Bordeaux composed by Sylvain Quément (music) & Guillaume Castagné (graphic design). Gangpol & Mit used to perform poetical live shows with video and music at the same level of story-telling intensity. They also won the Air-laptop contest 2003 (Placard #6 / Paris) under the name of "Poppp Markus".

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