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Matthias Hoffmann

Matthias Matthew Hoffmann

Также известно как: Hoffmann, Hoffmann, M., Hoffmann, Matthias, M Hoffmann, M. Hoffman, M. Hoffmann, M.Hoffmann, Mathias Hoffman (A.C.Boutsen), Mathias Hoffmann, Mathias Hoffmann (A.C. Boutsen), Mathias Hoffmann (A.C.Boutsen), Matthias Hoffman, Matthias Hoffmann (A. C. Boutsen), Matthis Hoffman, Mattias Hoffmann
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/acboutsen

Дискография Matthias Hoffmann:

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Matthias started his career as a studio guitarist for bands such as Quincy Jones and Sheila E. but changed his musical course after listening to dance music. He established the Eye Q label, along with Sven Väth and Heinz Roth, which was one of the first trance labels in the world. As a producer he works under the names of A.C. Boutsen, Brainchild, Vernon, Zyon, Odysee Of Noises, Metal Master and Cygnus X. After leaving Eye Q Matthias started his own production company called Schallbau together with Steffan Britzke and Ralf Hildenbeutel.

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