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Johan Bejerholm

Johan Bejerholm

Также известно как: Bejerholm, J Bejerholm, J. Beijerholm, J. Bejerholm, J.B., J.Bergholm, Joan Bejerholm, Johan "Da Määän" Bejerholm, Johan B, Johan Beijerholm, Johan Bm
Группа в интернете: http://www.worldstudios.se

Дискография Johan Bejerholm:

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Swedish producer/songwriter who has worked with Look Twice, Treble & Bass, Powerplay, Tribe Vibes, The South Coast Rap All Stars, The Family Tree and Arash. Johan Bejerholm has written and co-written songs for 20 years now and is always eager to co-write with composers/artists or write for specific artists in any genre as long as it is - in some sense of the word - pop music. In 2004, one of Johan's compositions was accepted for the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest tryouts. Out of over 3400 submissions 28 songs were selected, among them "Still Believe", written by Bejerholm, Heiling & Sahlin - no small feat!

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