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Les Hunt

Также известно как: Hunt, L. Hunt, Les 'Mole' Hunt, Les (The Mole) Hunt, Lester Hunt

Дискография Les Hunt:

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English songwriter, guitarist and producer The same artist is ex-Demon, Hunter, Climax Blues and the producer of (particularly) early '80s dance at AVM studios http://colincooperproject.com/lester-hunt-interview/ "I was approached to record and co-produce the Drastic Steps album at AVM Recording Studio" http://www.macearchive.org/Archive/Title/simone-moving-in-for-the-kill/MediaEntry/447.html?Action=Cookie "Music Producer for AVM - Les Hunt" and links him to Barry Cartlidge (sic) http://www.christopherellis.net/blog/hunter-how-five-lads-from-leek-nearly-found-fame ex-member of Hunter and Demon gives chronology of Hunt with those two bands and Climax Blues Band

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