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Enrico Vaime

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Italian author and writer (born Perugia, Jan. 19, 1936), published numerous books, but he's also a TV host, author for the theater and the radio. Often signed his works with [a=Italo Terzoli], setting up the artistic firm [i]Terzoli & Vaime[/i]. He wrote some fiction and numerous musical theater, especially for Garinei and Giovannini. Conductor from 1978 of radio program [i]Black Out[/i]. Since 2002 he leads nostalgic TV program [i]Anni Luce[/i] on LA 7, Is host of the debate [i]Omnibus Weekend[/i], the magazine of [i]Omnibus[/i] where he leads a column of custom from Monday to Friday. Also is a regular guest of the program [i]Coffee Break[/i]

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