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Nevada (3)

Giordano Trivellato, Giuliano Sacchetto, FX (3), JQ Jay, Giovanna Bersola

Члены группы Nevada (3): Giordano Trivellato, Giovanna Bersola, Giuliano Sacchetto

Дискография Nevada (3):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Don't U Bring Me Love 4 audio iTunes 1995 Italian Style Production
2 Feels Like Heaven 4 audio iTunes 1996 Italian Style Production
3 Take Me To Heaven 4 audio iTunes 1994-06-08 Italian Style Production
4 Take Me To Heaven 4 audio iTunes 1994
5 Make My Day 4 audio iTunes 2014 T30

Italian Eurodance act, mainly produced by [a=Giordano Trivellato] and [a=Giuliano Sacchetto]. They were later joined by [a=Alex Baraldi]. The first single of Nevada was "Take Me To Heaven", released in june 1994 in Italy and later the same year in Germany. [a=Giovanna Bersola] and rapper [a=FX (3)] were on vocals. Further singles "Make My Day" (featuring [a=JQ Jay]), "Don't U Bring Me Love" (1995) and "Feels Like Heaven" (1996) got lost in the saturated market of Eurodance. The very last single of Nevada tried to surf on the [a=Robert Miles] wave with "I Dream Of You" in 1997. [a=Ricky Romanini] and [a=Stefano Marcato] were on the production team. But it didn't help and the project ended.

Комментарии о Nevada (3):