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Matthew Glamorre

Matthew Hardern

Также известно как: Hardern, Matthew Hardern
Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/glamorre, http://www.youtube.com/bishi, http://wwwyoutube.com/TVcrux, http://www.myspace.com/matthewglamorre, http://www.ju90.co.uk/ssp

Дискография Matthew Glamorre:

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Legendary London club promoter, conceptual artist and music producer responsible for nightclubs Smashing, The Mint Tea Rooms, HARDERFASTERLOUDER, The Siren Suite and Kash Point / [l=Kash Point Records]. Founder member of Minty with Richard Torry and Leigh Bowery, has worked consistently on the boundaries of music, art, technology and performance. Currently the director of Gryphon Records - where he writes and produces music, artwork and film for the artist Bishi - produced and directed all Bishi videos and the critically acclaimed 'Albion Voice' Live immersive projection show touring internationally through 2014/15. Director of Sound Storm Productions, currently writing/ producing/ directing C-R-U-X - a sound/ tech/ art project featuring Richard Torry & Neil Kaczor.

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