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Virus (14)

Также известно как: Vyrus, Water-Virus
Группа в интернете: http://www.abolanorecords.com

Дискография Virus (14):

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As one of the founding fathers of EX2 aka E Times Two aka Endangered Elements, Vyrus has not only appeared on Awol One’s Noise cassette & the Three Eyed Cowz tape but he has also contributed on several other compilations and posse cuts. Most notably on the classic Tommy V (Imprints) crew cut, “Pepsi On The Record”, which included EX2, The Shape Shifters, and Global Phlowtations all on one song together. His involvement with EX2 spawned four albums in the span of twelve years. On November 7th, 2010; Vyrus’ debut solo album, Silent Kaos, was released as a free download. Scored entirely by Virginia based producer Rezult of Tree Dusk Muir. According to Vyrus, “Silent Kaos is testimony hip hop”.

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