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Allen A. Jones

Allen Alvoid Jones, Jr.

Также известно как: Allen Jones, A Jones, A, Jones, A. A. Jones, A. Alvoid Jones Jr., A. Jones, A. Jones Jr., A. Jones, Jr., A.A. Jones, A.A. Jones Jr, A.Jones, Alan Alvoid Jones, Jr., Alan Jones, Allan Jones, Alle Jones, Allen Alvoid Jones Jr., Allen Avoid Jones Jr., Allen Jones, Allen Jones Jr., AllenJones, Ellen Alvoid Jones Jnr, James, Jones, Jones Allen Alvoid, L. Jones

Дискография Allen A. Jones:

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American bass-player, songwriter, engineer & producer. Jones produced and wrote work for [a=Albert King] and also managed the [a40301], creating their production company and producing all of their original releases. Initially a bassist, Jones had his own studio, Onyx, in Memphis and also wrote, engineered and produced at [l24936] - picking up a Grammy Award for his work on [m122050]. His work is also associated with [l419092]. Jones died in 1987 and a Memphis music institution scholarship program is dedicated to his name for attendees at LeMoyne-Owen College.

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