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Ray Shulman

Raymond Shulman

Также известно как: R. Schulman, R. Shulman, R. Shulmann, R.Schulman, R.Shulman, Ray, Ray Schulman, Raymond Shulman, Schulman, Shulman
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Дискография Ray Shulman:

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Born 8 December 1949, Portsmouth, England. He is the youngest of three brothers and founding member of the innovative british progressive rock band Gentle Giant. Shulman, during his recording days in the band as a bass guitar player was highly under-appreciated, his virtuosity often compared to popular players such as Yes' Chris Squire. Yet, like Genesis' Mike Rutherford, Shulman was quite adept at other instruments as well. Similar to the role of the rhythmist in the Art-rock band Family, Shulman sometimes doubled on violin, recorder, trumpet, acoustic and electric guitars. Shulman and keyboardist-bandmate Kerry Minnear composed or co-wrote much of the music for Gentle Giant. Shulman was in Gentle Giant from the beginning in 1970 to the last tour in 1980. He would go on to become a successful record producer in the late 1980s and 1990s, working with The Sugarcubes, The Sundays and Ian McCulloch among others. He also has created music for several video games, such as Privateer 2 and Azrael's Tear, and works in DVD authoring.

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