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Walter Sobczak

Также известно как: W. Sobczak, Walter N. Sobczak, Walter Sobchak, Walter Sobozak, Walter Sobzcak, Walter Soeczak

Дискография Walter Sobczak:

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Walter Sobczak began his career in music in the early 1980's as bassist for Sturm Group which broke up in 1989. While this was going on, Sobczak began his studio career in a downtown Toronto studio as an assistant engineer. Experiences included being an assistant engineer on the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack album. Sobczak moved on to become an engineer at the same studio in which he engineered Michie Mee's first single, Maestro Fresh Wes' first album , Dream Warriors, Barenaked Ladies and Fifth Column. Sobczak moved to production around the same time he took the freelance route and produced/co-produced Dream Warriors, Monster Voodoo Machine and others. In the early-mid-nineties, Sobczak co-founded, co-wrote, engineered, mixed and produced Raggadeath. The band broke up in 1997. Having worked at most of Toronto's studios, Sobczak has settled into National Treasures Recording Studio, located on Puck's Farm, Ontario.

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