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Elio Martusciello

Elio Martusciello

Также известно как: E. Martusciello
Группа в интернете: http://xoomer.alice.it/eliomart/

Дискография Elio Martusciello:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Aestethics Of The Machine 5 audio iTunes 2003 Bowindo
2 Unoccupied Areas 5 audio iTunes 2005 ReR Megacorp
3 Qwert 3 audio iTunes 2003-06-00 Tu M'p3
4 Trio Di Napoli 5 audio iTunes 1999 Discoteca Di Stato

Was born in Naples in 1959, Elio Martusciello is a self taught musician and composer. He teaches electronic music and electroacoustics composition in the classes of degree music and new technology at the conservatory of Cagliari. He has worked with musicians such as [a=Eugene Chadbourne], [a=Mathieu Chamagne], [a=Mike Cooper], [a=Alvin Curran], [a=Michel Doneda], [a=Wolfgang Fuchs], [a=Tim Hodgkinson], [a=Thomas Lehn], [a=Jean-Marc Montera], [a=Jérôme Noetinger], Richard Nunns, [a=Tony Oxley], [a=Evan Parker], [a=Michael Thieke], [a=Olivier Toulemonde], [a=Z'ev], and others. He is a founding member of IATO (musicians collectives), IXEM (Italian eXperimental Electronic Music) and [l=Bowindo] (experimental italian label founded with [a=Giuseppe Ielasi], [a=Domenico Sciajno], [a=Alessandro Bosetti], [a=Valerio Tricoli] and [a=Renato Rinaldi]). He is a regular member of the improvising group Ossatura (with [a=Fabrizio Spera] and [a=Luca Venitucci]), of the interactive duo Schismophonia (with [a=Mike Cooper]), and of the new electroacoustic group Bindou ensemble (with [a=Ana-Maria Avram], [a=Chris Cutler], [a=Rhodri Davies], [a=Iancu Dumitrescu] and [a=Tim Hodgkinson]).

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