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Freddie Perren

Frederick J. Perren

Также известно как: Berren F., Ф. Перрен, Ф. Перрин, Фредди Перен, Фредди Перрен, F Perren, F. Ferren, F. J. Perren, F. J. Perren, F. J.Perren, F. Peren, F. Perren, F. Perrin, F. Porren, F. Terrem, F.J. Perren, F.J.Perren, F.Perren, Ferry Perren, Frédérick Perren, Fred Perren, Fred Perrin, Fred Perron, Fred.Perren, Freddi Perren, Freddie J. Perren, Freddie Peren, Freddie Perren For Grand Slam Productions, Freddie Perrin, Freddie Perron, Freddy Perren, Freddy Perreu, Freddy Perron, Frederic Perren, Frederick J Perren, Frederick J. Perren, Frederick J.Perren, Frederick James Perren, Frederick Perren, Frederick Perrin, Frederick.J Perren, Frederik James Perren, Grand Slam Productions, Parren, Pereen, Peren, Perren, Perren Frederick, Perrin, Perron, Terren

Дискография Freddie Perren:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Eruca / Two Pigs & A Hog 2 audio iTunes 2002 Ballroom Records
2 Shine On / Record City 2 audio iTunes 1977 Polydor
3 Two Pigs And A Hog 3 audio iTunes Angel Sound

Born: 15 May 1943. Died: 16 December 2004, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA. Owned the recording studio [l=Mom & Pop's Company Store]. American record producer, songwriter, arranger, and orchestra conductor. Perren shared an Album of the Year Grammy in 1978 for producing two songs on the [r=127165] album. With [a=Dino Fekaris], Perren produced [r=103569], sung by Gloria Gaynor, which won the Grammy for best disco recording in 1979. Perren was a member of the [l=Motown] Records production group the Corporation, which wrote and produced [a=Jackson 5, The]'s first hits. The Corporation -- including Motown founder [a=Berry Gordy], Deke Richards and [a=Fonce Mizell] -- produced the group's I Want You Back, ABC and The Love You Save. Perren also produced the Miracles' hits Love Machine and Do It Baby while at Motown. His post-Motown records include [a=Peaches & Herb]'s Reunited and Shake Your Groove Thing; the Sylvers' Boogie Fever and Hot Line; and [a=Tavares]' Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel. Perren suffered a severe stroke in 1993. He died at his home in Chatsworth, aged 61 and is interred at Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery, Chatsworth, California.

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