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Mole, The (2)

Jonah Mociun

Также известно как: Captain Daydream, Mole, Th' Mole, Th' Mole & Friends, Th'Mole, Th’Mole
Группа в интернете: http://dalycityrecords.com/thmole, http://www.myspace.com/thmole

Дискография Mole, The (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Whirlwind World 18 audio iTunes 2004 Motion Recordings
2 The Attack Of The Zombie King & His Hungry Zombie Horde That Wants To Eat Your Brains! 11 audio iTunes 2003 Motion Recordings
3 Communion 14 audio iTunes 2002 Motion Recordings
4 Mutamigradaptation 16 audio iTunes 2006
5 Whirlwind World 18 audio iTunes 2004 Motion Recordings
6 Ho Ho Ho 15 audio iTunes 2004 Motion Recordings
7 Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 6 audio iTunes Daly City Records
8 Love In The Chaosphere 14 audio iTunes 2012-04-17 Mism
9 Love In The Chaosphere 14 audio iTunes 2012-04-17 Mism
10 It's The Mole DVD!!! 29 audio iTunes Not On Label (The Mole (2) Self-released)

Nomadic composer/vocalist/bozo Th' Mole, AKA DJ 0.000001, makes "whirled fusion" music which is scientifically designed to make you happier, stronger, and more beautiful. With a live set combining colorful costumes, ridiculous dancing, confetti cannons, and sometimes a gorilla, Th' Mole will make you rejoice and dance your pants off. Th' Mole's latest album, Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1, marked a very succesful debut on Daly City Records. In its fifth week it peaked at #12 on CMJ college radio charts, and also placed at #4 on the esteemed WFMU! Meanwhile the "How 2 B Cool" single remained #1 on XLR8R's "Top Rated MP3's" for over two months (in addition to jumping around the #1 slot for "Most Popular MP3's"). BIO: Th' Mole has been building a strong fan-base with his colorful antic-filled shows since the late 90's, jumping from the Bay Area to Hawaii to New Orleans and beyond, meanwhile running his own record label, Motion Recordings, and releasing music under a number of aliases. His music has been released by numerous indie labels (Daly City, Hectic, Zhark, Anti-Party, Vaatican, etc.), and he has toured Europe four times, as well as Canada, and many times throughout the US, sharing stages with such notables as DJ Krush, Venetian Snares, Ghislain Poirier, Living Legends, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mark Mothersbaugh, Alias, Riddlore, Jason Forrest, Drop The Lime, K-The-I???, Otto Von Schirach, Broken Note, 6Blocc, Filastine, Bizzart, Curse Ov Dialect, The Chicharones, Josh Martinez, Realicide, Bleubird, Hecate, Baseck, Sonic Death Rabbit, Orko, Mochipet, Hottub, Food For Animals, Azeem, and more. Whoop-tee-doo!! In 2010, in conjunction with his sixth European tour, Th' Mole will reveal a new album on Daly City, featuring the already-classic "I Love Unicorns" and several self-made music videos, including the classic "Go Horsie" video.

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