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Rev. Benn Schipper

Группа в интернете: http://www.privatelektro.de/rev_b_schipper.html

Дискография Rev. Benn Schipper:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Dance Music For Shitheads With The YY Chromosome 9 audio iTunes 2006-07-00 Privatelektro
2 Live At Privatelektro Headphone Festival 2004 3 audio iTunes 2004 Privatelektro
3 Remixes For Less Cash 10 audio iTunes 2009-09-04 Privatelektro

Reverend Benn Schipper got his new identity in 2003 by the witness-protection program of the federal buero of privatelektro Deutschland. His career as musician started in 1987 with a musical project called “The Wendish Childrens Of Lucifers Wife” Peace. In 1988 he joined the east-german punk-band “Raving Madness” - after the split he founded in 1989 the straight left and political oriented band “Nachkriegsjugend” - with Tom Gruschwitz (voc) and Olaf Dettinger (g). In late 1989 he started from scratch with the pure experimental band “M”. “M” transformed into a bass-guitar band (3 basses and a drum (computer)) influenced by Velvet Underground, Dinosaur. Jr. and Spacemen 3 and split in summer 1991 after hours of tape recordings and live performances. After this the Reverend founded with the former singer of “Nachkriegsjugend” the band “Riefenstahl”. “Riefenstahl did three releases “Lufthansa”, “Wieland Förster Lieder” and “Riefenstahl III” and extended their activites to an artist group who produced a series of short films, video-installations and books. The 4th release, of a number of “Vogelweide” songs, was never published (two titles appeared as remix in 2006 on Reverend Benn Schippers privatelektro “Pnet 006” release “[album]Dance Music For Shitheads With The YY-Chromosome[/album]”). Schipper joined in 1993 the berlin based “Column One” for some live performances, releases and artworks (“Vis Spei” with Genesis P-Orridge, “The Excellent Listeners” and the soundtrack “Der Unterstand”). In 1995 he renamed “Riefenstahl” into “Call Ov Stihl”. Under a new name he started in 1995 with german media-artist and Privatelektro label-mate “Igor Hax” the band “” - after the split Schipper focused only on media arts and produced in 1997 with Tilman Schmidt the piece “Dust Bin” for the international awarded multi-media CD-ROM “Dust-D-Bugger”. will be continued…

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