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William "Billy" Hines

William Hines

Также известно как: William 'Billy' Hines, William (Billy) Hines, William B. Hines, William Hines

Дискография William "Billy" Hines:

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Hines started off owning an independent urban music record store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. By the 1980's the hip-hop and electro sound hit Miami with influences from NY and LA groups. Noticing the flux of independent labels such as Macola Records in California and Hot Productions in Miami, William Hines created his own label called 4-Sight Records that housed early Miami hip-hop and Miami bass sounds. William's son, MC ADE, later would help with production on the label's various releases. However by the end of the decade, the independent scene became a harder venue to operate in and 4-Sight Records closed shop into the 1990's.

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