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Kitt Katt

Также известно как: Kitty, Kitty Kat, Kitty Katt

Дискография Kitt Katt:

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DJ Kitt Katt, resident of the West Los Angeles vicinity, got into the music game after winning a DJing contest at The Cage (the biggest club in the Inglewood-Hawthorne area). Katt spun alongside resident club DJ Arabian Prince and was invited to join his mobile DJ crew Audio Sounds in the early 80's. Through Arabian he eventually landed a role with Uncle Jamm's Army where he was a member of Bobcatt's California Catt Crew along with DJ Battle Cat and was thus named "DJ Kitt(y) Katt". After working with Uncle Jamm's Kitt Katt secured a spot with Mixmaster Spade's L.A. Posse working on scratch patterns for the single "Sexy Lady". Although still in the music business, Kitt Katt has recently relocated to Mississippi.

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