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Neil Westbrooks

Neil Westbrooks

Также известно как: N. Westbrooks

Дискография Neil Westbrooks:

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Neil "Trick" Westbrooks is a hip-hop recording artist, producer and hip-hop entrepreneur. Westbrook got his start in Northern San Diego County as a DJ and formed [a=Magic Trick] in the mid-1980s. Magic Trick landed a record deal with the San Diego-based [l=Party Crew Records] hip-hop label and produced several singles, including the now classic electro-rap track [r=1359381]. Westbrooks continued producing hip-hop music in Southern California through the late 1980s, most notably joining forces with local DJ legend [a=Tony G] to form the group [a=Mixmasters]. They landed a deal with [l=MCA Records] that yielded two albums and a handful of singles. Trick began to focus more on the business side of the industry in the 1990s, promoting hip-hop concerts in Southern California and Tijuana, Mexico. He later would go onto manage hip-hop artists, relocating to Arizona and St. Louis.

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