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Greg Mack

Greg Mack

Дискография Greg Mack:

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Greg Mack is famous for is role as musical director at the Los-Angeles based radio station KDAY 1580 AM. KDAY was the first radio station to play hip-hop 24 hours a day back when it began in late 1983. A diverse range of music could be heard through the various mixes on the show, for example a listener could hear Kraftwerk, Run-DMC, and Stacey Q lined back-to-back. KDAY is also credited for putting many east coast releases in rotation longer than stations in New York would play them. Impressive and innovative cutting and scratching patterns were also featured from the station's various DJs. Many of the KDAY Mixmasters, the station's disc jockeys, would go on to make a name for themselves in hip-hop such as Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Tony G, Julio G, DJ Battlecat, DJ Joe Cooley, and others. Greg Mack hosted his own show dubbed "The Mack Attack" every Saturday night from 8 - 11pm. Unlike corporate radio stations today, KDAY was also known for playing local independent releases on the air that normally wouldn't get heard elsewhere. West coast hip-hop wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for Greg Mack and KDAY. The rise in mainstream popularity of hip-hop eventually placed a financial strain on the underground station and it was eventually sold out at the start of the 1990's. Greg Mack briefly ran his own independent label called Mack Daddy Records and released a compilation album around 1990/91. Recently, Greg Mack works at a radio station in Northen California. Dawning on the station's 20 year anniversary, a documentary film and book are planned by Greg Mack in preserving the legacy of KDAY.

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