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Alosha Tsinovoi, Gil Cohen

Члены группы Zegunder: Gil Cohen

Дискография Zegunder:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Zegunder 7 Inch 3 audio iTunes 2002 FACT Records
2 Distant Birds? Thought They Were Leaves... 11 audio iTunes 2004-09-20 Neo Ouija
3 Tumbleweeds 8 audio iTunes 2003 NMC (2)

Zegunder are an electronic duo, Alosha Tzinovoy & Gil Cohen. Alosha, born in Odessa, immigrated to Israel at the age of 8, whereas Gil was born and raised in Israel. Both artists come from a classical music background – Alosha is a cello player and Gil a pianist. The two began collaborating together with friends Aviad Levi and Ohad Ron in Mute, a band that mainly flirted with electro-rock and post-rock. At that time Gil had already begun writing trance tracks and Alosha felt increasingly drawn to more intimate acoustic music and started recording songs with a psychedelic twinge (a-la Syd Barrett/ Roky Erickson).The two formed a duo and concentrated on experimental electronics and combined acoustics–electronics under the name Zegunder (in Yiddish – Something in the throat . . .). These experiments gave birth to the duo’s debut EP, the self-titled Zegunder EP. It is released on 7' (100 numbered copies) and on CD.

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