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Julian Laxton

Также известно как: J. Laxton, Laxton
Группа в интернете: http://www.julianlaxton.co.za/, http://www.rock.co.za/files/jl_index.html

Дискография Julian Laxton:

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Julian Laxton is a legendary South African guitarist with a career spanning back to the sixties. He made a name for himself in bands like [b]Mel, Mel and Julian[/b], the experimental and psychedelic [a=Freedom's Children], [b]Hawk[/b], and his own [b]Julian Laxton Band[/b]. Also a prolific producer and engineer for artists like Rabbitt, Stingray, [a=Margaret Singana], [a=Mango Groove], and [a=Lucky Dube], Mr. Laxton also keeps the bill collectors at bay by scoring film/TV themes, jingles, and playing on the live circuit in Johannesburg.

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