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Paolo Pelandi

Pietro Paolo Pelandi

Также известно как: P. Lion, P. Pelandi, P. Pepelandi, P.Pelandi, Pado Pelandi, Paolo, Pelandi, Pelandi Paolo, Pelandi, P., Pelandi, Pado, Pelandi, Paolo, Pelandi, Pietro Paolo
Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/P.Lion

Дискография Paolo Pelandi:

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P. Lion (Pietro Paolo Pelandi) (born June 29, 1959) is an Italian singer and musician who achieved his greatest success in the 1980s. He took the name of "P. Lion" because of the three "P"s in his name and because the symbol of his family is a lion. He started to play the piano and write his own music at a young age. Very famous in Italy, he achieved international fame with his two hits "Happy Children" (1983, produced by Davide Zambelli of the band Scotch) and "Dream" (1984). "Dream" was the theme of the French TV and radio chart show Top 50 1984-93, and "Happy Children" has been remixed to become the new theme of the french Top 50 in France since 2000. After his first album, P. Lion signed to the Milanese label Discomagic, the biggest dance label in Italy at the time. There, he produced his own singles such as "Believe Me" and "Under The Moon" with Durium. In 1995 he released "A Step In The Right Way", an album with FMA and the publisher Allione. He collaborates as arranger on some productions such as Betty Villani or Tony Sheridan.

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