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Ricardo Leverock & Joost van der Linde

Члены группы D.A.M.N.: Deejay Bass, L-Rock (2)

Дискография D.A.M.N.:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Peace 3 audio iTunes 1990 Provogue
2 Live Positive 14 audio iTunes 1991 Provogue
3 Live Positive 14 audio iTunes 1991 Provogue
4 Da Soul's Da Rebel 4 audio iTunes 1992 Provogue
5 Sound Of An Entertainer 4 audio iTunes 1992-06-01 Provogue
6 Don't Accept Mass Notion 12 audio iTunes 1989 Provogue
7 Da Soul's Da Rebel 2 audio iTunes 1992 Provogue

D.A.M.N. stands for Don't Accept Mass Notion, it's a Dutch Hip-Hop group consisting of: MC: L.Rock (Ricardo Leverock) DJ: DJ Bass (Joost van der Linden) Dance: Ciano and Walden Brian. In 1989 they started with their self-titled album, which was hauled as the first Dutch Hip-Hop album. In 1993 the group ceased to exist. L.Rock continued his musical career as [a=Phat Pockets] together with DJ Oh Jay (Jeroen Knoop).

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