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Члены группы Streetmark: Bogdan Skowronek, Dorothea Raukes, Georg Buschmann, H.G. Hank, Hans Schweiß, Jürgen Pluta, Manfred Knauf, Stephan Jehring, Thomas Schreiber (2), Wolfgang Riechmann, Wolfgang Westphal

Дискография Streetmark:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Lovers 3 audio iTunes 1979 Sky Records
2 Wolfgang Riechmann & Streetmark 6 audio iTunes 1979 Sky Records
3 Nordland 4 audio iTunes 1976 Sky Records
4 Sky Racer 9 audio iTunes 1981 Sky Records
5 Eileen 7 audio iTunes 1977 Sky Records
6 Nordland 5 audio iTunes 1993
7 Dreams 9 audio iTunes 1989 Sky Records
8 Eileen 7 audio iTunes 1977 Sky Records

Progressive rock group from Düsseldorf with a history starting in the late 1960's. Interconnected with many other bands of the industrial Rhineland Streetmark went through many changes in style and personnel. The 1975 album Nordland was fronted by Georg Buschmann, who split forming his own band [a728610]. Vocalist/synthesist Wolfgang Riechmann pretty much took over on the second album Eileen, adding Kraftwerk like elements. Down to a trio, with Dorothea Raukes in control as multi-synth operator and vocalist, they mellowed moving ever more towards pop.

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