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White Boy Crew

John Dorff (MC Popeye), Seth Trafford (Beatbox Spinach), Sean Gillis (DJ Steady)

Члены группы White Boy Crew: Sean Gillis
Группа в интернете: http://www.nquit.com, http://www.twistedpop.com/seb/

Дискография White Boy Crew:

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John Dorff, a.k.a. The M.C. Popeye, with rhyming roots in Mission Hill (Boston) and Four Corners (Dorchester, MA), founded The White Boy Crew when he teamed up with Seth Trafford, a.k.a. The Beat Box Spinach. For most of the 2 year career of the group it was just John and Seth, who earned considerable local respect by performing live, competing in talent shows, and getting airplay on 88.1's Saturday afternoon underground hip hop show hosted by the Magnus Johnstone, the now legendary radio deejay credited with being instrumental in breaking the underground hip hop scene in Boston. Soon they were scouted to appear on the Boston Goes Def [r=319298] compilation. The White Boy Crew did have a deejay as part of the act at two different points - first was Mike Dee, of the original Boston based Gangstarr (Keith Elam 'The Guru' later took Gangstarr to NYC but left Mike behind), and later Sean Gillis a.k.a. DJ Steady a.k.a. DJ Shamrock. Today Gillis has relocated to Georgia, however he still is involved in hip-hop production today. WBC member Seth Trafford on the other hand works now as a chef at an Italian resturant. John Dorff went on a few years later to start the indy label Concept Records, and recently resurfaced again in the music biz as a partner in indy label NQuit Music LLC.

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