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Andrei Smirnov

Дискография Andrei Smirnov:

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Founding Director of The Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory. He was born in Moscow, Russia in 1956. Since 1976 he is conducting independent research and development of electronic music techniques, having particular interest in design and development of both hardware and software sensor technology with particular interest in developing complex relationships between the perfprmer's actions and the interpreting of this information in non-linear methods using custom software. He is the member of the Russian Association for Electroacoustic Music. His compositions for computer-processed and computer-generated sound have been composed for a variety of media including theatre and radio-theatre, multimedia and dance. In 1992 he founded the Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music and Multimedia. He lectures there and give workshops with composers on the basics of electroacoustic music and multimedia, musical acoustics and psychoacoustics, resent computer music technologies. He has attended numerous conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe including CCRMA at Stanford Univ., Bregman Studio at Dartmouth College, Milan State Conservatory, Music Academy in Basel, Podewil (Berlin), STEIM (Amsterdam) etc.

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