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Jorge Campos

Дискография Jorge Campos:

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Composer. Professor of Musicology. Jorge E. Campos, was born in Quito, Ecuador, South America. Studies: piano and composition in the Concervatorio Nacional de Musica (Quito) with Marie Renee Portais (France), Elisabeth Waimberg (Russia) and G. Guevara (pupil of Nadia Boulanger). First and second prize of Composers of Ecuador (1983-1984). Since 1980 till 1986 participated in many concerts in several countries in South America as composer and pianist. In 1987 entered to Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory to continuing studying in composition and musicology. Among his professors there were such famous persons as N. Rakov, S. Korndorf, E. Sorokina, Yu. Kholopov, A. Leman and E. Denissov. In 1992 finished Moscow Conservatory (with honors) and continued his post-graduate course of composition that graduated in November 1994. Since 1993 studies and works at the THEREMIN-CENTER, Moscow, specializing in electro-acoustic music. He is the first foreign composer, who works in the field of electro-acoustic music in Russia.

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