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Yasmin K.

Yasmin Knoch

Также известно как: Yasmin K, Yass
Группа в интернете: http://www.yasmink.com/

Дискография Yasmin K.:

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Yasmin Knoch (*September 27, 1986 to St. Lucia, also know as [b]Yasmin K.[/b] and [b]Y-ass[/b]) is a German pop singer. She became famous through their participation in the second season of the talent show "Popstars", which aired in fall 2001 by the German TV channel RTL2. Yasmin Knoch is the daughter of the famous singer [a=Oliver Bendt] (known from 1980s and 1990s), founder and owner of Pop Combo [a=Goombay Dance Band]. Her mother was also born on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Yasmin grew up in Hamburg. After high school she began taking voice-, piano- and guitar-lessons. First appearances with his own band followed. First experience on stage she already gained in the band of her father when she was with her older brother in television appearances limbo deposits. In 2000/01 they played a leading role in the musical "Buddy" performed in Hamburg. A wider audience in the autumn of 2001, she was known for her participation in "Popstars". After several qualifying rounds, she came in the final shows, but then the band [a=Bro'Sis] was formed in the show without her. After her retirement, she comes to the music producer [a=Alex Christensen] who had participated as a jury member of "Popstars", and produced under contract with her in the summer of 2002 the single "Rhythm Of The Night" (a cover version of the hit of the Italian dance project [a=Corona]). This and the following two hit singles appeared under [a=Alex C. feat. Yasmin K.]. After a four-year break ]Yasmin K. (now called "Y-Ass") along with "Alex Christensen" and the single "Du Hast Den Schönsten A*$c# Der Welt" (english: You've got the nicest a$$ of the world" - a cover version of the hit "Run A Way" by the band The Sound Lovers of 1996), the biggest success of her career so far. The song reached in November 2007 for one weeks # 1 on the German single charts. It was followed by other, not quite as successful singles with similar sexually explicit topics.

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