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Nico Muhly

Также известно как: Muhly, Nico Mulhy
Группа в интернете: http://www.nicomuhly.com/, http://www.myspace.com/muhly

Дискография Nico Muhly:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Speaks Volumes 7 audio iTunes 2006-08-01 Bedroom Community
2 Mothertongue 10 audio iTunes 2008-06-00 Bedroom Community
3 Joshua (Original Motion Picture Score) 16 audio iTunes 2008-03-11 MovieScore Media
4 The Reader (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 19 audio iTunes 2009-01-13 Lakeshore Records
5 I Drink The Air Before Me 12 audio iTunes 2010-09-06 Bedroom Community
6 A Good Understanding 11 audio iTunes 2010 Decca
7 Drones 14 audio iTunes 2012 Bedroom Community
8 I Drink The Air Before Me 12 audio iTunes 2010-09-16 Decca
9 Everything Everywhere All The Time / Whale Watching Tour 24 audio iTunes 2013-05-27 Bedroom Community
10 Seeing Is Believing 7 audio iTunes 2011 Decca
11 From Here On Out 10 audio iTunes 2011-09-20 Analekta
12 The Reader 17 audio iTunes 2008 The Weinstein Company
13 I Drink The Air Before Me 12 audio iTunes 2010

Composer, performer, arranger and conductor. Born in Vermont in 1981, Masters in Music from the Juilliard School. Muhly’s orchestral works have been premiered by the American Symphony Orchestra, the Juilliard Orchestra, the Boston University Tanglewood Institute Orchestra , the Boston Pops and the Chicago Symphony. Nico Muhly has worked extensively with Philip Glass as editor, keyboardist, and conductor for numerous film and stage projects. He has also worked with Björk (Medúlla, Drawing Restraint 9, Volta) and Antony Hegarty on a new Shakespeare setting for The Sonnet Project. Along with his own music, Nico Muhly has released collaborations with Valgeir Sigurðsson and American folk singer Sam Amidon. He has written soundtrack to the movie "Choking Man", "Joshua" and episode of the MTV2 show "Wonder Showzen". His name is pronounced [ˈni ko] [ˈmju: li].

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