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Группа в интернете: http://handsolorecords.com/the-badmen/

Дискография Awristoscratch:

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DJ Def Darryl started his career in 1988 with groups like Run DMC and The Fat Boys fueling his desire to get into Hip-Hop any way he could. You may have previously known him as DJ Phd, Apex, or Equinox, but he is now known forever as just Awristoscratch. Producing and passing round mix tapes in grades 7-8, Awristo left the game for a few years only to return, in 1992, when he joined The Nomatic Sound Crew. The Sound Crew disbanded a few years later at which point, Awristo began to back up artists such as Kotep Omegatron, Mindbender, Eternia and Stubs. DJing at 88.1 CKLN for the legendary Lord Nose What?! show and 2Kool4Radio’s Silly Robots put Awristoscratch on the map. He's now joined forces with the Nextraterrestrial crew and his current group, The Tooning Spork.

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