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Daniel Nolan

Daniel Nolan

Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/dannolan1, http://www.reverbnation.com/dannolan1

Дискография Daniel Nolan:

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Dan first realized he wanted to make music after meeting the electro pioneer and DJ legend Greg Wilson. At that time Greg was remixing Frankie Goes to Hollywood at the time and managing a break dance outfit called Manchester Broken Glass (they were later known as Ruthless Rap Assassins. As Void their 1st 3 track EP was released by Blackpool promo firm Neuro Productions. The EP release through them into remixing for Deconstruction. Kenny Grogan owner of Manchester Underground Records (until the IRA blew it up) threw VOID into the studio and their first track Orcana, was revamped. Dan was introduced to DJ Harri by Island records A&R guy Gavin Wright. Harri and Dan hit it off and released tracks on Soma’s Bomba records and remixed tracks for Visnadi. Dan carried on working with DJ Welly remixing (for Fantastic records) and in’99 co- wrote and produced a mini album with John Kettle of The Tansads. DJ Welly’s and Dan’s last work together was under Transient Blues and Prince of Thieves. In 2011 he packed in his construction job after his fiancé insisted one of them realize their creative passions and he’s been making sounds ever since. October 2013 and Good Bye and Let yourself Go are signed toRoland Bartha’s Mjuzieek Label.

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