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Foxy John

Giovanni Villa

Дискография Foxy John:

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Historical Italian radio DJ, with an lively childhood between Panama, Santo Domingo & USA, as a son of a diplomat. Born in Assisi (Perugia) 22 June, 1943, under the bombs of World War II, lives in Atlanta and S.Francisco from 1951 to 1957. He studies in American schools in Rome for 3 years. Then, for high school and university returns to the States where in early 70s does small jobs for CNN that allow him to back permanently to Italy (thanks to famous football player Adone Mariotti) for working immediately in [i]Radio Elle[/i], one of the first free radio stations, with Piermaria Bologna, Bob Nunninger, Clelia Bendanti... and to [i]Radio Luna[/i] and [i]Alfa 90[/i]. Then opens in Rome [i]Studio Foxy John Productions[/i], still very active & well-known for jingles and duplication of radio programs. His unmistakable voice is in many compilations and in Rai TV music programs such as [i]Ballando Sotto le Stelle (Dancing with the Stars)[/i] where Foxy is the official voice of the show.

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