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Jack And Master

Gordon Hulbert

Дискография Jack And Master:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Working On It 2 audio iTunes 2004 Angel Reef Audio Recordings
2 Working On It 4 audio iTunes 2004 Angel Reef Audio Recordings

At the helm of Sun Productions is Gordon Hulbert, one of the country's hottest tips as a writer/producer. As a session keyboard player he has worked alongside some of the world's most highly respected players, singers and technicians, travelling the globe in the process. Raised as a child in West Africa, Gordon was immersed in music from birth but was formally a relatively late starter, taking up classical piano and violin at the age of 12. This didn't stop him however from winning a string of distinctions and national awards for excellence as he made up for lost time, going on to graduate in his first term at music college. After excelling as an instrumentalist Gordon's next challenge was the technical world of engineering and programming, one which he took up with some relish, becoming 'first call' along the way from those in-the-know, be it Brill Building veterans such as Mort Shuman or cutting-edge dance labels (XL, ZTT etc) and multi-media companies (BBC, LWT, Channel 4 etc). Now with a formidable arsenal of skills at his beck and call, Gordon is in the process of constructing his own brand of musical mayhem. Working from his own production company in Notting Hill, Gordon not only has an endless list of his own recording and writing projects on the go (David Sun, Toy Shop, Jack and Master, The Amnesia Twins, Hyperdelik etc) but is increasingly in demand from artists, fellow producers, publishers and labels for his collaborative skills. Gordon also exclusively manages one of Londons most sought after writer/singer Anita Kelsey.

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